Louvre 2002. Inediti Louvre 2002. Inediti

Olivo Barbieri

Louvre 2002. Inediti

Verbavolant, Firenze — 2011
SFr. 130.00 SFr. 160.00
Pages: 16
Edition: First edition of 300 - One original signed photograph
Dimensions: 23.5 x 16.5 cm
Language: Italian
ISBN: 9781905216284

Louvre 2002 is a project by Olivo Barbieri that had remained hitherto unpublished. This artistic book conceived by the author, featuring images extracted from the body of work displayed in the Parisian museum, is masterfully constructed with a carefully-studied sequence, creating a journey through the world of painting seen through the representational codes of photography. Olivo Barbieri, one of the most appreciated artists on the international contemporary scene, uses the partial reproduction of museum paintings–surprising us with his use of framing and depth of field–as a pretext to have us reflect on the mechanism of vision and fruition of reality.

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