Maps Magazine - Issue #2


Maps Magazine - Issue #2

Maps Magazine, Italy — 2017
SFr. 13.00
Pages: 64
Edition: open
Dimensions: 21 x 15 cm
Language: English

Maps is an independent online and printed magazine that aims at researching and showcasing innovative photographic projects about the Mediterranean area.

The second issue is about CONNECTIONS: the existence thought as a complex network of unavoidable relations. Relations as tangible or metaphysical connections. Human connections, connections with places, connections with nature. Connections with memories. Connections as an emotional geography.

Authors: Ido AbramsohnEmanuele CameriniGiacomo FierroFlaviana Frascogna / selected by Slideluck NaplesFrancesco LevyRumore Pair (Domenico D’Alessandro & Maria Palmieri)Alessandro RuzzierAnna Saint AngeRocco Venezia

Guest Writers:
Marina Freri / Sydney-based journalist with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Arianna Rinaldo / Artistic Director of Cortona On The Move International Photography Festival

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