Neutro - Lorenzo Vitturi Neutro - Lorenzo Vitturi

Lorenzo Vitturi

Neutro - Lorenzo Vitturi

Neutro, Reggio Emilia — 2021
SFr. 30.00
Pages: 12
Edition: First edition
Dimensions: 22 x 30
Language: Italian

"El camino y nada más" is the new exhibition from NEUTRO, a site-specific intervention by Lorenzo Vitturi. The artist develops images of Andean landscapes drawing inspiration from the history of his family, the encounters and the fusion of different cultures. The intervention is presented in dialogue with the dynamic position of passage of the boards, adds to the images taken of organic elements given by materials with which the artist is used to work as pigmented woods, plates of glass casting of Murano, Peruvian yarns, glass beads and ropes, which together draw abstract paths and silhouettes suspended in a three-dimensional layering process. The works that take shape within the notice boards are ephemeral in nature because they are completed only through the overlapping of layers in the exhibition space, where they are installed and assembled thanks to the structure that supports them. The images begin and end within a perimeter, becoming themselves space and form for a limited period of time. These material assemblages, almost sculptural in their volume, exploit the depth of the bulletin boards and portray elements of the Peruvian landscape and everyday Venetian life, in tune with the changing nature and open geography of the windows.
The publication collects the six subjects of the intervention in the space of Reggio Emilia, as a trace of the artist’s momentary work and is accompanied by a story by Cosimo Bizzarri. The narration of an event that happened, or maybe not, in Lima, Peru, which introduces us to the exhibition.

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