Michalis Pichler

NEW YORK POST Flag Profile

M. Pichler, Greatest Hits, COLLAGE — 2017
SFr. 12.00
Pages: 88
Edition: 5000
Dimensions: 35 x 28 cm
Language: English

In the NEW YORK POST Flag Profile, all of the American flags from the NEW YORK POST issued on the first anniversary of September 11, 2001, have been cut out and pasted into a newspaper with everything else left blank. The flag depictions are cut out and inserted into the pages in such a way, that the verso of the fragments is also visible.

Initially it was a handmade object, which involved meticulous handiwork and was relatively fragile. The production of a print work in a larger edition made it possible to distribute the work to a broader audience. The NEW YORK POST Flag Profile is co-published by COLLAGE and “greatest hits”.

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