Obsession Obsession Obsession Obsession

Attilio Solzi


Dito Publishing, Rome — 2022
SFr. 18.00
Pages: 12 folded sheets of paper
Edition: First edition
Dimensions: 18,8 x 22,8 cm
Language: -
ISBN: 9791280304070

Human beings have always tried to represent themselves through the act of isolating and symbolizing certain parts of the body. From the prehistoric caves in which they engraved their hands on the rock, in an uninterrupted succession of figures, they gave life to an inexhaustible constellation of iconic instinctive gestures, graffiti, made for fun, with shamanic and religious purposes, or as a communicative act.

The artist Attilio Solzi wondered what was, today, the most drawn symbol and that could express the immediate character of this human self-refiguration. The penis, composed of three simple cylindrical shapes, omnipresent on the walls of all cities, on the diaries of all adolescents, is probably the most drawn form in the world.

OBESSION, collects 50 drawings/ specimens of penis, which the artist has always made on the same photograph, a mobile billboard. The series has become a posterbook. Presented in a basic and special edition with three temporary tattoos.

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