Renzo Bussotti- Some remarks Renzo Bussotti- Some remarks

L. Galler, V. Baradel, C. Avventi

Renzo Bussotti- Some remarks

Artphilein Editions, Lugano — 2013
SFr. 20.00 SFr. 30.00
Pages: 205
Edition: 500
Dimensions: 21 x 17 cm
Language: Italian, English
ISBN: 9783952415405

“Some Remarks” is the first monographic work published by Artphilein Editions.
With Renzo Bussotti Artphilein Foundation inaugurates a series of monographic notebooks dedicated to artists represented in its collections. Aware of the delicate nature and importance of the choice, Artphilein Foundation will dedicate the first monographic publication to Renzo Bussotti, a complex Italian artist with respect to both themes and style; in so doing we will bear witness to his life and work and spread knowledge about him beyond our national borders and, in particular, beyond the alps, where his expressionistic matrix is likely to reach observers who are aesthetically familiar with the kind of characteristics that Bussotti presents.

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