Rooms Rooms Rooms

Stefania Beretta


Trans Photographic Press, Paris — 2000
SFr. 50.00
Pages: 86
Edition: First edition - Rare Book
Dimensions: 24x28 cm
Language: Italian, French
ISBN: 2-913176-07-0

The Rooms of Stefania Beretta are those of the heart and her photographs appear a long flight in the im-maginale of feelings of love. The Rooms we see are not only fragments of hotels, motels or caravans... but traces of a path of love that intertwines the delightful encounter of two solitudes and wants everything, even the moon, to love and give it to those who want it, not to possess it. Stefania’s travel companion is like a mirror, a loving moon, a florilegium of stars that slides into the deep photograph that is also autobiography (but all photography is autobiography, even the signage/ criminal). Rooms, beds, places change... but nothing changes the magical atmosphere and sensuality that these Rooms of Desire show.

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