Souvenir Souvenir Souvenir Souvenir Souvenir Souvenir Souvenir Souvenir

Lorenzo Cianchi


Boîte Editions / Cesura Publish — 2022
SFr. 30.00
Pages: 5 leporellos
Edition: 120 copies
Dimensions: 13,7 x 9,8 cm
Language: Italian
ISBN: 9788894703818

Souvenir is a poetry collection divided into five sections. 

Souvenir, from French “to come to mind”, evokes the ability to remember in a tangible way: distant thoughts in space and time that come in faces, objects, places. Lorenzo Cianchi’s poetic images and the photographic ones, selected by Cesura Photo Collective, explore narrative duplicity to convey the immediacy.

The five booklets, protected in a slipcase, remind us of the accordion-style folding postcards, that was very popular until a few years ago, and can be read individually or as stages of human life. From birth to death, passing through youth and maturity: the childish levity, the preadolescence, the difficulty of deciphering desire, the sense of lack. Poetic words welcome photography, and together they become postcards from emotional places that dwell the human. Poems on one side and photographs on the other: eulogy to the anisotropic ways people feel, believing that literature - unlike the reality - doesn’t necessarily need an end.

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