The book by Flavio Favelli The book by Flavio Favelli The book by Flavio Favelli The book by Flavio Favelli

Flavio Favelli

The book by Flavio Favelli

Fine Arts Unternehmen AG, Zug — 2003
SFr. 60.00 SFr. 80.00
Pages: 140
Edition: open
Dimensions: 27 x 24 cm
Language: English, Spanish
ISBN: 9783037200018

Building as a premise for life. Physical exertion as an unavoidable part of creation. A life force that digs through childhood memories shines through Flavio Favelli’s photographs and wooden installations. Everyday objects like old tiles, chairs, and iron balcony parts are provided with a new context and, in their naked simplicity, reconfigured to form captivating closed spaces of the soul. With the humble attitude and physical involvement of a craftsman, Favelli, guided by a pressing need, creates these prickly forms, strictly white, that are built on raised platforms and make constant reference to life experiences. One can mount the platforms or sit on them in an attempt to understand their intimate nature. Like compartments of the mind where memories squeeze together for protection, these tenuous but solid works seize the eye, and like staircases toward the unknown they leave one fascinated and suspended. The Book by Flavio Favelli, conceived as a collection of travel reports composed of photographs, interviews, and thoughts, documents the key points underlying his artistic background.

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