The Eyes Can See What the Mouth Can Not Say The Eyes Can See What the Mouth Can Not Say The Eyes Can See What the Mouth Can Not Say

Jacopo Benassi, Giulia Zorzi (ed. by)

The Eyes Can See What the Mouth Can Not Say

Peperoni Books, Berlin — 2017
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Pages: 116
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Language: English
ISBN: 9783941249134

When the Music's over.

No art is and acts as directly as music. None. Recordings can be good, but experiencing great musicians live is something quite different - at least it can be. The climate, the actual mood, the artist's living situation, everything becomes part of the performance, no matter how often a piece has already been played before. And rarely, but sometimes, there is this short circuit and the audience becomes part of the performance. Artists and listeners build a connection that can create meaning and understanding beyond the words sung and the notes played.

In the BTOMIC, a small underground club near Genova, it must have been like that many times. Otherwise Jacopo Benassi, who organized the club together with his friends from 2011 to 2015, and presented on stage musicians like Julia Kent, Mary Ocher, Lydia Lunch, Eugene Chadbourne, Tav Falco and many others, would not have been able to take these pictures. His Black and White photographs of the listeners - younger and older, men and women, in leather pants, shorts or suit, Barbie shirt or floral dress. They all hear and FEEL and it is very nice to see that.

When the Music's over?

In the BTOMIC the lights have been turned out, but the music continues.

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