The secret life of things The secret life of things The secret life of things The secret life of things

Vittoria Fragapane

The secret life of things

Self-published — 2017
SFr. 38.00
Pages: 40
Edition: First edition
Dimensions: 21 x 26 cm
Language: English, Chinese

The aim of Vittoria Fragapane's project was to portray the inner identity of an artist, not through a documentation of their work, but through the intimate observation of things found in their studio.

The things with which we surround ourselves might be considered as exterior and superficial, but through my photographic enquiry, I try to give insight into how our personal belongings can reveal inner truths about who we are; the hidden relevance of seemingly insignificant objects can be a poignant mirror of personality, identity and origin.

The minute I walked into Angela Lyn’s studio, about whom I did my project, the complexity of her background reflected in the space and its belongings fascinated me. The photographs I compiled for my book are accompanied by extracts from interviews that I held with Angela, during the time I spent with her.

The book is accompanied by the catalogue "The long journey home".

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