Artphilein Collection on Display: Barbara Hammer

Artphilein Collection on Display: Barbara Hammer

In July 2016, on the occasion of the monthly display of the Artphilein Foundation collection, Choisi presents the video Tourist (1984) by Barbara Hammer.

In her art practice, Barbara Hammer uses the videocamera, the photography, the performance and the installation. The artist is considered a pioneer of the experimentation on moving images and optical perception.
The corpus of her films includes more than 80 titles, since the 60’s characterized by a complex technical syntax, such as the layering of overlapping images, collage, coloring, alteration, decomposition and transformation of perspective (deframing), solarisation, sound effects and the manipulation of the film during the post-production phase.

In Tourist, Barbara Hammer depicts a trip to Europe: the flow of images is manipulated with a syncopated rhythm to alter the perception of places that appear well-known and to instill a feeling of anxiety and alienation. In the video, the journey is not the experience of a relaxing break, but a stressful activity led by the fear of losing something.

Barbara Hammer lives and works in New York. Her major retrospectives took place at the MoMA of New York (2010); at the Tate Modern in London (2012); at Jeu de Paume in Paris (2012) and at the Toronto International Film Festival (2013).

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