Artphilein Collection on Display: Rita Alaoui

Artphilein Collection on Display: Rita Alaoui

In March 2016, on the occasion of the Artphilein Foundation monthly display, Choisi presents the artist’s book Fragments de vie quotidienne (Fragments of everyday life), entirely written, conceived and produced by Rita Alaoui (born in 1972 in Rabat, Marocco).

With this work, for the first time Rita Alaoui confronts herself with the book as a medium for the artistic expression. The preparation and the researches took two years and finally in 2013 the artist realised Fragments de vie quotidienne, published in 40 copies, each declined on the same text with different interventions by hand (collages, photographs, drawings, embroideries).
Rita Alaoui thus realized 40 variations on the same subject: the everyday life of a woman, who setting off from fictitious childhood memories narrates a hypothetical chronology of life, crisscrossed by desires, fears, casual encounters, ordinary events, randomness, coincidences, thoughts on artificial paradises.

«I try to transform all our fears, our anxieties,
into something that empowers the imaginary
to express them constructively»
(Rita Alaoui)

From the singular to the universal, Rita Alaoui rewrites in a poetic way a possible family album and also asks questions on photography as an expressive medium and its capability to fix the passing of time.

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