Artphilein Collection on Display: Sol LeWitt

Artphilein Collection on Display: Sol LeWitt

Choisi – one at a time is pleased to announce the December display from the collection of Artphilein Foundation, the artist’s book “Emblemata” by Sol LeWitt. 

Sol LeWitt (Hartford, Connecticut 1928 – New York 2008), is among the initiators and principal conceivers of the American minimalism. Together with Dieter Roth, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Ed Ruscha and others, Sol LeWitt was also one of the main supporters of the artist’s book as a self-ruling and independent mean of artistic expression, approachable and affordable to a wide public. With the aim of promoting the propagation and understanding of the artist’s book, Sol LeWitt founded in 1976, with Lucy Lippard, the non-profit association Printed Matter in New York, a still active space where artist’s books, fanzines and all kinds of printed matters can be viewed, exchanged and bought.

Starting from the 60s Sol LeWitt realized more than 80 artist’s books, in which he displayed his ideas of seriality. These artist’s books are an integral part of his artistic investigation, together with other means of expression, such as the wall drawings and three-dimensional structures:

“… the book as the interface of painting, never its copy but always its complex mirror. A different perspective from which to look at the Idea.”  (Giorgio Maffei in E. De Donno e G. Maffei, Sol LeWitt Artist’s Books, Corraini Edizioni, Mantova 2010)

“Emblemata” is part of the namesake series, directed and edited by Maurizio Londei on behalf of Edizioni Essegi, Ravenna, in which each artist is asked to realise the transposition of the emblematic essence of his poetry. For this book of 2000, realized in total 90 copies, Sol LeWitt conceived 15 monotypes, without text, where the oil based inks were first rolled on the plate, finished with a brush and then printed on Fabriano paper.

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