Artphilein Collection on Display: Thomas Florschuetz

Artphilein Collection on Display: Thomas Florschuetz

In May 2016, on the occasion of the Artphilein Foundation monthly exhibition, Choisi presents Thomas Florschuetz’s photography, Enclosure #1.

With the cycle entitled Enclosures, Thomas Florschuetz articulates his interest in architecture and the possibility of re-reading it through new perspectives. He aims to explore the permeability of inner and outward spaces, as well as the confines levied by the visual perception.
In Enclosure #1 he depicts a window of the Museum of Capodimonte in Naples: the superimposition of window frames, wings and walls forms a geometric raster whose depth of field is optically expanded by the interplay of light and shadows. The perspective adopted by the artist creates a complex tension between the different spatial levels and the architectural elements.

This artwork entered the collection of Artphilein Foundation due to the artist’s ability to transform by the means of photography a seemingly trivial topic, such as a window, in an abstract theme of complex interpretation and with strong symbolic and conceptual significations.

Thomas Florschuetz was born in Zwickau / Saxony (former DDR) in 1957, he lives and works in Berlin. In 1981 he moved to East Berlin and in 1988 to West Berlin. In 1987 he won the Award for Young European Photographers in Frankfurt, first in a series of international prizes and awards. He regularly exhibits in major museums in Germany and worldwide.

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