Becher's Anatomy

Becher's Anatomy

From March 1st to May 31st, on the occasion of the presentation of Becher's Anatomy, published by Artphilein Editions in collaboration with the Academy of architecture of Mendrisio, the photo books of Bernd and Hilla Becher in the collection of Artphilein Foundation will be on display at the bookshop Choisi.

Bernd Becher (1931-2007) and Hilla Becher Wobeser (1934-2015) devoted their artistic research to the production of a 'catalog' of industrial archaeological objects built between 1870 and 1960, located in Europe and the US. They implemented a formal and artistic policy, which they called 'grammar' in order to be able to systematically define and proceed on such a vast subject.

The photo books were crucial in their quest: in each monograph on a type of industrial artifact, the artists wrote a text containing information on function, construction modes, technical solutions and the justification of their formal analytical interest.

In the book Becher’s Anatomy the documentary aspects of Bernd and Hilla Becher's photographs are analyzed and deconstructed, with the aim of refocusing the view on the intrinsic characteristics of the artifacts investigated by each student. Becher's Anatomy, in correlation with the photo books on display, leads the way to new perspectives and interpretations of Bernd and Hilla Becher's photographs.

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