Display and talk: YES YES YES Revolutionary Press 1966/1977

Display and talk: YES YES YES Revolutionary Press 1966/1977

Exhibition period: January 14 - March 10, 2020

The new guests of Spazio Choisi 01 are a+mbookstore (Milan) and Viaindustriae (Foligno), two Italian publishers who will transform Spazio Choisi into an unusual archive dedicated to alternative, underground and counter-cultural press between 1966 and 1977.
The display presents the publication YES YES YES Alternative Press
 '66 / '77 from Provo to Punk and it is the preview of the new research YES YES YES Revolutionary Press in Italy '66 / '77 from Mondo Beat to Zut.

Both the publications are visual essays, books of images that examine the role of the alternative printing.
Publishers, authors, radical figures of that scene, interviewed and involved in the books, rethink those actions and publications that touched the issues of the social urgency of change.
YES YES YES mainly analyses the visual culture of "cheap" magazines, their amazing graphic design and their free aesthetics, integrated with the system of radical artistic and political activisms. In this way, the pages of the newspapers and loose sheets deal with facts through innovative texts, with the subversive style of that fervent climate that formed a social network of printers, creative independent realities and trade unions for distribution.
In this innovation of the system, the democratization of printing stimulated the experimentation in graphic design and the growth of the publishing practice in an expanded culture opened to the community.

The display will include part of the archival materials from the Italian scene of the same years, which will compose the new publication YES YES YES Revolutionary Press in Italy 
'66 / '77 from Mondo Beat to Zut.

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