Display: Fabio Tasca, Giuseppe Chietera, "The Point and Shoot Series"

Display: Fabio Tasca, Giuseppe Chietera, "The Point and Shoot Series"

SPAZIO #2: 11 March - 30 April 2021

The Point and Shoot Series, is a 15-year long deep observation of those peculiar and common features that characterise the western “peripheral” landscape which is only apparently ordinary and standardised.

"Point and Shoot might literally sound like instruction for a handgun. Or rather, "look around you and shoot". At the heart of it there are thirty-six frames, -little more of a meter and a half of film-, and nothing else. The photographer has a single thought: to take photographs. It is poised between a "before", which has just come by, and a "after" which has yet to materialise, waiting for a shot that is already hanging in the air. Photography, in its purest form, is the reaction to this impulse. It is the bridge between what has been and what will be; a moment of grace on which is to the photographic act what a sock to a foot. With the advent of digital photography, the practice of point and shoot was to change into something very similar but opposite: the shoot and point. Looking around is no longer enough. You need the selfie, the control screen and the online feedback. Like or dislike? Keep or delete? Which memory will make it past binary code?"

Alberto Chollet
Journalist and television producer

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