Display: "La Terra di Sotto", Luca Quagliato and Luca Rinaldi

Display: "La Terra di Sotto", Luca Quagliato and Luca Rinaldi

Exhibition period: 25.11.2021 - 22.01.2022

Spazio Choisi will display Luca Quagliato and Luca Rinaldi’s long journey, narrated in the photojournalistic book La Terra di Sotto.

Photography and investigative journalism come together to investigate the environmental criticalities of northern Italy. The exhibition gathers together twenty-eight tableaux in which photographs, texts and cartography alternate, which characterise the path of what was the environmental legacy "of the century of development" of the Italian industry.

La Terra di Sotto runs along the A4 from Turin to Venice; the highway that, behind its apparent monotony, leads along some of the worst cases of pollution in northern Italy.

"The landscape of the productive north - explain the authors - is dotted with cases of land and water pollution, not to mention the quality of the air we breathe. Photographing this historical moment for us means to take note of the environmental conditions of the area in which we live and to spread this knowledge, to stimulate research, activism and the study of solutions regarding an issue that is too often forgotten on the political agenda".

The publication, edited by Penisola Edizioni and curated by Steve Bisson, is enriched by an essay by Matteo Aimini, researcher in architecture for Landscape and by a section of maps and data edited by the cartographer Massimo Cingotti.

Luca Quagliato: freelance photographer and videomaker. Since 2008 he has been involved in documentary photography. He is part of the research collective Habitat Project. Since 2014 he has been dealing with environmental issues together with the journalist Luca Rinaldi.
Luca Rinaldi: journalist, he is director of the online portal of investigative journalism IrpiMedia. He worked for Corriere della Sera and collaborated with other national and international media dealing with inquiries.

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