Display: Ugo La Pietra, "Viaggio sul Reno 1974"

Display: Ugo La Pietra, "Viaggio sul Reno 1974"

SPAZIO #2: 16 June - 10 September 2021

The new display presents Ugo La Pietra's artist's book, Viaggio sul Reno 1974.

This Rhine cruise was an artistic experience of Ugo La Pietra, conducted together with the Global Tools Communication Group, composed of Franco Vaccari, Gianni Pettena, and Guido Arra. With the trip/performance on the Rhine, the artists explored the theme of “communication” in a closed and segregated environment, such as that of a trip organized on a boat: from this limited context, marked by regular rhythms and by a reduction at the minimum terms of any influence from the outside world, the participants’ behavior, their interactions, the communication processes emerge.

The exhibition is enriched by a selection of rare artist's books in unique copies and the screening of the film “The reappropriation of the city" (Ed. Center Georges Pompidou, Paris 1977).

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