Display: Vittoria Fragapane "Travels Into One Nation of the World"

Display: Vittoria Fragapane "Travels Into One Nation of the World"

SPAZIO #2: 18.10 - 14.11.2021

From Saturday, September 18, on the occasion of Bi12 - FAKE Visual Distortion and the publication of the photographic book by Vittoria Fragapane, the Choisi 02 Space, dedicated to the editions of Artphilein Editions, hosts the display of Travels into One Nation of the World.

T. S. Eliot once wrote "The journey, not the destination matters".

The destination of the book Travels into one nation of the world cannot be revealed, you will discover it slowly, step by step, exactly like when you start a journey in an unknown country, or like when you always walk the same road, but each time from different perspectives.
The contribution that Vittoria Fragapane wants to offer is a personal story of months in which the world and its daily life, with the lockdown, began to withdraw from an "outside" towards an "inside". Public and private sphere, externality of social relations and domestic interiority seems to have leveled its own boundaries, its own margins, blurring the one in the other.

The subject of these photographs is the loss of familiarity in inhabiting one’s own world. The images show just the things in their being out there, alone and at a distance.

Vittoria Fragapane was born in Rome in 1993, she lives in Ticino (Switzerland).
After studying interior architecture she decided to focus on photography to investigate different spaces and reflect on the relationship between interior and exterior in a house, object or person. Of an intimate nature, she has a particular interest in the atmosphere that the place brings with it.

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