Jacopo Benassi, "The eyes can see what the mouth can not"

Jacopo Benassi, "The eyes can see what the mouth can not"

In July, Choisi is displaying a selection of Jacopo Benassi's photos from the series The eyes can see what the mouth can not. On the occasion of the exhibition, on Wednesday 12th at 7:00 PM, Benassi will launch the book with a live DJ set.

The eyes can see what the mouth can not is an exhibition and a book in which musicians performing are never seen.
"A series of images of people looking. I would rather say, contemplating. The Latins said contemplatio – the prefix con expressesing a connection, and templum denoting a defined area. People in Benassi’s images are strongly connected and the area is defined. There is a geography made of scraped walls, images inside the images, signs on the walls, details of furniture, symbols. People inhabiting this geography are looking and listening." (Giulia Zorzi)

Btomic was run by a group of friends: Gianluca Petriccione, Lorenzo D’Anteo, Roberto Buratta and Jacopo Benassi. Opened 2011, closed 2015 for lack of money, hosted many performances and live concerts. Among the musicians, Teho Tehardo, Jozef van Wissem, Chris Imler, Julia Kent , Mary Ocher, Lydia Lunch, F.M Palumbo, Embryo, Lori Goldston, Hugo Race, Tav Falco, Carla Bozulich, Andrea Belfi, Lubomyr Melnyk, Ernesto Tommasini, Matt Eliot, Z’EV, Sir Richard Bishop, Six Organs Admittance, Emidio Clementi, Khan, Mangiacassette, Baby Dee, Eugene Chadbourne, and many more.

Thanks to Giulia Zorzi and Flavio Franzoni of Micamera, Milano.

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