Milo Keller: "Olivetti, Ivrea"

Milo Keller: "Olivetti, Ivrea"

The exhibition Olivetti, Ivrea of Milo Keller is on display at Choisi-one at a time in the context of  Bi10 - Borderlines. Divided Cities/ Plural Cities, the tenth edition of the Biennale dell’immagine.

The artist seized this invitation as a stimulus to deepen the photographic research on the Olivetti district in Ivrea with a new daytime photographic series, which interacts both on the formal and conceptual levels symmetrically with the first nocturnal series created in 2007.

Adriano Olivetti transformed the family business of a small manufacturer of typewriters in a hugh international group. At his invitation artists, philosophers, product and graphic designers, architects, writers and sociologists came to Ivrea in the intent to sketch the profile of new factories and offices, as well as to conceive a new community reconciling mankind and technology.

With the premature death of Adriano Olivetti, the humanistic ideals, the theoretical and applied researches applied to the neighbourhood vanished and Ivrea, formerly an ultramodern and technological experimental city, is now deserted, but Milo Keller's images relay the wish that Olivetti's intentions don’t fall in oblivion.

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