Talk & Display: SWIPE UP with Andrea Valsecchi and Luca Panaro

Talk & Display: SWIPE UP with Andrea Valsecchi and Luca Panaro

On Thursday, March 2nd, at the Artphilein bookstore, photographer Andrea Valsecchi will present his artist's book "Swipe Up" in conversation with art critic Luca Panaro, founder and director of Chippendale Studio and Dummy Photobook.

"Swipe Up" explores the boundary—now surpassed—between the real world and the virtual world. Elements characteristic of the web are added to photographs of real modern urban landscapes, resulting in an ambiguous situation that disorients.

Are we governed by the Algorithm? Is our goal to function or to exist? These are some of the questions arising from the dialogue, published in the volume, between the author and Franco-Argentine philosopher and psychoanalyst Miguel Benasayag, a scholar of the relationship between humans and technology.

Chippendale Studio is a project on contemporary imagery founded in Milan in 2013 by Luca Panaro. It is also an archive of self-published editorial works, in unique copies and limited editions, involving artists of different generations, capable of exploring the possibilities of the image in the form of a book.

For the occasion, the original photographs from the book will be exhibited, and volumes from the Dummy Photobook archive of Chippendale Studio will be available in the bookstore.

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